JMP is a data analysis and modeling software for PCs and Macs. K-State has a JMP license program for Microsoft Windows and Mac computers. Departments, faculty/staff, and students can use JMP through this license. A current, valid K-State eID is required.


  • Students
  • Faculty
  • Staff


  • A copy of the JMP software must be licensed for each computer on which the software is used.
  • The software is available only via download from K-State’s secure license server.


  • JMP annual license agreement runs Sept. 1 - Aug. 31
  • Cost is prorated by month to the annual license expiration date of September 1:
    Date of JMP purchase Cost
    Sept. 1 - Dec. 31 $40
    Jan. 1 - April 30 $28
    May 1 - Aug. 31 $14
  • K-State renews the JMP site license annually and the Division of Information Technology will send current licensees an invoice. The important dates are:
    July 31 Expiration date for the agreement between K-State and JMP.
    Sept. 1 Expiration date for agreements between K-State and students, faculty, staff who have licensed JMP.
    Sept. 30 Date that the software starts warning if expired. JMP programs continue to run normally, but will produce a warning message.
    Oct. 29 JMP stops running unless the license is extended.



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