Instructions for setting up the Meeting Owl Pro (Owl)


 Setting up the Meeting Owl Pro.



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The Meeting Owl Pros are designed for meetings with multiple attendees.  Use the camera on your computer or an external camera for meetings with singular participants. 

Use the following instructions to set up a Meeting Owl Pro. 

  1. Place your Owl on the conference room table.

    • In a small room that fits two to four people, place the Owl in the center of the table, at least 12 inches from the video monitor.
    • If you're meeting in a larger conference room (up to 15 feet by 20 feet), place the Owl in the center of the table.
    • It should be at least three feet from the video monitor but no more than eight feet from the farthest participant.
    • Experiment with the placement of the Owl to best suit your meeting's needs.

  2. Turn the Owl over and plug in the USB cable and power adapter.

    • Connect the Meeting Owl Pro to an in-room computer or laptop via USB and plug the Owl into power.


  3. Download the Meeting Owl mobile app and register your Owl.

    • Download the mobile app from the Apple App Store or Google Play and register your Owl to unlock, activate the warranty, and adjust the Owl settings. 
    • Enable Bluetooth on your mobile device to allow the mobile app to connect to the nearby Owl.
    • Select the Meeting Owl from the list to begin the registration process.
    • Your Owl doesn't need to be connected to Wi-Fi to run a meeting.  However, software updates are released periodically with enhancements and new features to help your Meeting Owl Pro run even better.  The Owl will need to be connected to Wi-Fi to receive these updates.


      Naming Format

      Consider using the naming format: Building code with room number - Department abbreviation - OWL with a number.  For example, HL011B-IT-OWL01 is Hale Library room 011B - Information Technology - Owl01. Find more building codes.

      Connecting Wi-Fi

      If using the Meeting Owl Pro on the K-State campus, connect to KSUMPSK.  This should appear as one of the available Wi-Fi connections when connecting the Owl to Wi-Fi.

      To complete the connection, submit an a TDX IT Request, list the Assignment Group as Network, or call the IT Help Desk (785-532-7722).  To connect to the network, please use the following Networking request.  You need this step to acquire the pre-shared key (PSK).  An IT staff member will contact you to finish the setup with final instructions.

      NOTE: For security reasons, only connect the Meeting Owls to the PSK (pre-shared key) and not any other K-State wireless network (KSU wireless or KSU Guest wireless).

      For those receiving a Meeting Owl who will not be using K-State Wi-Fi, such as K-State Research and Extension (KSRE), use the available network where the Meeting Owl will be located.

  4. Load your video conferencing platform and choose the Meeting Owl for audio and video.

    • Select the Meeting Owl as your video, microphone, and speaker.
    • The Owl works with video conferencing software like Zoom and Microsoft Teams.

  5. Connect your computer to your monitor to display the Owl's video.  It would be best if you connected the video feed from your computer via a video cable to see the Owl's video output on your in-room monitor.
  6. Start your meeting.  Once the setup is complete, you are ready to start your meeting. 
  7. If you have questions, contact the IT Service Desk at 785-532-7722.  For additional documentation, visit the Meeting Owls Support Center.  Link to the Owl Labs Education Enablement Guide for more information on setup options and best practices.


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