Paying a student bill in KSIS


Students can pay their tuition and fees from their KSIS Student Center.


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Make sure your Internet browser is not blocking pop-ups for KSIS. It is recommended to use Chrome or Firefox.

  1. Sign in to KSIS with your eID and Password.
  2. Click Financial Account.
  3. Select Make a Payment. 

    Note: At this point, you are transferred to CASHNet Payment Processing to complete the transaction. KSIS does not store any credit card or bank information.

  4. Click Make a Payment from the menu.

    Selecdt Make a Payment

  5. Select Total tuition, fees, and all other charges to pay student bills.

  6. Type the Amount to pay on the account.
  7. Select whether to pay now or schedule a transaction under Payment options.
  8. Click Add to payment.

    Note: Payments can be made even if there is no charge currently on the account. Over-payments are credited to the student account until used.

  9. Once adding payments is complete, press Checkout at  the bottom of the page.

  10. Select an existing Payment method or create a new one, then press Continue.

  11. Type the E-mail address to who to send the receipt.

  12. Verify the information is correct before completing the transaction.
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