Running and Viewing a Degree Audit Report in uAchieve Self Service


Students can run a degree audit report in KSIS to determine which classes they need to take to attain their degree. 


  • Students


  • uAchieve Self Service


Before running a degree audit, disable pop up blockers in your browser. For information on how to disable pop up blockers, visit the Disable web browser popup blockers webpage.

  1. Sign into uAchieve Self Service using your KSU single-sign on credentials.
  2. The student homepage will display the declared (active) program(s) at K-State. Click Run Program. This will run an audit for all programs listed.

    Note: You can alter the way your audit is delivered by clicking Advanced Settings. Here you can change the format delivery to be PDF, the default is HTML.
  3. It will take three seconds to process your audit. The manage audit page will refresh every three seconds until the audit successfully generates. Click the Update button to force a refresh sooner than three seconds. Select Stop to halt the generation of the audit. Click Cancel Running Audits to clear your audit queue. If your audits will not generate, please reach out to your Dean's office for assistance.

  4. Once the audit generates, you will see it populate in the list of completed audit requests. Click View Audit.

  5. The audit will open in the same webpage. HTML is the default format type for audits. The size of your audit will automatically adjust to best fit your device screen. Click the icons at the top left of the audit to view additional information and create a print friendly view of your audit.

  6. Use your browser print functionality to print the HTML formatted audit, if needed.
  7. You can run your audit as a PDF by going to the Advanced Settings prior to clicking Run Program.

  8. The view of your PDF audit will not automatically adjust to your screen size. Either use the +/- icons to adjust the zoom, download your PDF to view in Adobe, or select the print icon for a print friendly view.

  9. If you would like to run a what-if program audit, click Select a Different Program:, select the desired program, catalog year, and then click Run Program.

  10. Go back to step 3 to finish viewing your what-if program audit.


Students are encouraged to run audits whenever they like to view their progress. If you have issues generating your audit, please reach out to your Dean's office for assistance.

You can find a video tutorial on the Registrar webpage.


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