Mediasite error in Canvas: You were not authenticated successfully


When a Canvas page references more than one embedded Mediasite presentation/channel, the following error may be displayed in place of one or more embedded videos or channels:

You were not authenticated successfully.

Mediasite Lti13 Error: You were not authenticated successfully


A problem with how authorization tokens are handled between Canvas and Mediasite can cause the intermittent display of authentication errors when more than one Mediasite resource is requested. Due to the nature of the issue, the error behavior is inconsistent; embedded Mediasite presentations or channels presenting an error may load properly when the page is refreshed, while embedded presentations or channels that were displayed properly may present an error when the page is refreshed.


A workaround is to provide a text-based link to the Mediasite presentation (as opposed to embedding it) as an alternative means of access. The process of adding a text-based link is similar to the process of embedding a Mediasite presentation and is described in these instructions: Add a single Mediasite presentation to Canvas

Reloading/refreshing the page in the web browser may also cause the desired Mediasite resource to load properly.

Additional information

The vendor has identified the cause of this issue and will release a fix in a future product update.

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