Immediate Access Opt-Out Process

Opt-out/In Deadline: The Last Day to Drop class - 100% refund deadline {refer to the academic calendar}

Email Portal Opt-Out Process

Opt-out is a decision you will make for each eligible course.

  • An email is sent to the students .edu email with a link to the opt-out portal

Opt-Out Email View

  • Students should follow the link to the opt-out portal login. 

Opt-Out Portal View

  • Create a password.

Create a Password View

  • The student will see their courses listed. 

Course List View

  • Click View Course Materials to see details about the materials used for that class

Course Materials Detail


  • Click opt-out button listed in portal by their name and the courses they enrolled in.
    • Button will change to “Opt-In” When student completes the opt out action
    • Student can Opt back in before the deadline by following the same process and click “Opt In”

Course Material Opt-Out View

  • If the student has physical material in their possession or on order for the program a pop-up will list the titles (posting cancelled or Refund action required)
    • Student should contact the store via email or phone to set up product return to finalize the opt-out.
    • Student will be able to complete the opt out process within 24 hours of the return


  • An email confirmation will be sent when finalized.


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