Mediasite error in Canvas: Target Link URL is invalid


When attempting to view a Mediasite video in a Canvas course, a Mediasite LTI 1.3 error is displayed: "Target Link URL is invalid."

Mediasite LTI 1.3 Error


Mediasite content originally inserted into a Canvas course prior to 2017 may be using an older version of an embed code snippet that is no longer supported by the current integration. This issue will persist when instructors export/import their Canvas course content from one semester to the next.


Remove the existing Mediasite embed from Canvas and insert it again. Reinserting the Mediasite content will use the current, supported embed code format.

  1. In the Canvas rich content editor, select the existing Mediasite embed and delete it using the Delete or Backspace keys on the keyboard.
  2. Follow steps 7-10 of these instructions to reinsert the Mediasite content into Canvas.
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