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Content management systems, portals, web hosting, web analytics, user experience design, and URL management. Also includes website and mobile application development. 

 Designed For

  • Students
  • Faculty
  • Staff


  • K-State Connect is an interactive dashboard of commonly used services. Quickly view information personalized for you from your phone, tablet, and computer. Features:
    • K-State Email - View up to 10 of your most recent unread messages.
    • K-State Calendar - View the next seven days of your calendar.
    • eProfile - manage your eID details such as email forwarding, password changes, emergency contact information, and more.
    • Courses - View your course schedule and K-State Online courses.
    • HRIS - Employee self-service portal.
    • K-State Alerts - Manage your K-State Alerts contact information.
    • Zoom - Join or host a Zoom video conference.
    • Balances - Students can view balances for meal plans, Cat Cash, and limited free laser printing.
  • K-State Mobile is designed to help manage life at K-State and connect to the campus scene. Features include on-the-go people and departmental directories, transportation information, interactive map, K-State Connect, and more. It is available for download from the App Store or Play Store.
  • K-State Web Services collaborate with campus clients to design, build, and support websites and web applications for the university community. See web services  for more information.
  • Domain registration services enable the use of the K-State domain or a public domain name.


Training is required for anyone who needs to build or maintain a university website. 


Domain Registration may incur a fee.

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