Mass Communications and Emergency Notifications

One-way communications and emergency communications to the entire campus or other defined groups. Includes campus alert systems, broadcast email and text messaging, electronic newsletter distribution, and digital signage. 

 Designed For

  • Students
  • Faculty
  • Staff


  • K-State Alerts delivers emergency notifications by text messaging and automated phone calls. Manage your K-State alerts at K-State Connect:  
  • Digital signage services are provided in partnership with the Division of Communications & Marketing. University departments can request new digital signs or access to the digital sign system.
    • Division of Information Technology provides ongoing hardware and connectivity support if recommended hardware is purchased, content support, user management, and support and installation of the Content Manager software.
    • Division of Communications and Marketing provides ongoing support for templates, support for design-related items, training, and maintains a shared content repository for display university-wide. Departmental/localized content requests should be routed to your client manager.


To request access to the digital sign software or for assistance with design and hardware, contact your client manager or the Division of Communications and Marketing. 


  • Digital signs 
    • University departments/units can request access to the digital sign software at no cost. 
    • Hardware and installation costs will be the responsibility of the requesting department/unit. 

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