Manage Draft Advising Notes in the KSU Advisor Center


Advisors using the KSU Advisor Center can manage draft advising notes using the information below:


  • An advising note can be saved as a draft so that it can be edited later.
  • A note in a draft state can be edited within two business days before it will be automatically posted to the student's educational record.
  • Each time a draft note is edited and saved, the clock is reset. A note can also be deleted while in draft form.
  • Once a note has been posted to the student's record, it cannot be edited or deleted.


  • Advisors
  • Faculty


  • KSIS                                                          


To manage draft advising notes:

  1. Log in to KSIS with your K-State eID and password.
  2. Click the KSU Advisor Center tile.
  3. Click My Draft Notes in the advising notes area.

    Picture of the My Draft Notes button highlighted
  4. The Draft Advising Notes area lists all notes currently in the draft state.

    Picture of  Draft Advising Notes area with Dates, Subject and Advisee highlighted

    Information provided includes:
    • Creation Date - the date/time that the draft note was created and saved either as a draft or posted.
    • Post Date - the date/time that the draft note will be posted to the student's record as a permanent note.
    • Advisee - displays Multiple if the note was created for multiple advisees as a bulk operation or the advisee name if it was created for a single advisee.
    • Subject - the subject entered when creating the draft note
  5. The following functions can be performed from the Draft Advising Notes page:
    • Delete a Draft Note - check the box to the left of the note(s), then click Delete selected draft notes.

      Picture of Delete a draft note with a note selected
    • View all notes for an advisee - click the name of the advisee in the advisee column.

      PIcture of View all notes for an advisee with Advisee name highlighted
    • Edit the Draft note - click the subject link to open the note for editing.

      Picture of Advising notes with Subject Link highlighted
  6. Click Return to Advisees when finished.


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