Buying a smartphone


With the ever changing selection of smart phones, it is difficult to provide a recommendation on exact phones that would be good. Most newer Android and iOS devices work with K-State email and calendaring systems.


  • Students


Operating System

  • iOS 15 or newer.
  • Android 12.0 (Snow Cone) or newer.


  • Support for Office 365 applications.
  • Calendar that is time zone aware (helpful when scheduling meetings in other time zones.


  • Cellular 4G/5G data: Various service providers offer various data allotment packages. It is recommended to shop around to find the package that best meets your needs.
  • Wi-Fi: 802.11ac/Wifi 5 or better recommended for wireless access on campus.


  • Built in Camera.

Other recommendations

  • Add an extended warranty or insurance that covers accidental damage.
  • Ensure you have everything needed to connect and use the phone, including power cables and USB cables.
  • Download the Microsoft Outlook app to have access to more of the features included with Office 365 email and calendars.

Contact information


Estimated price range

  • On contract: $99 - $1000.


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