eProfile: Updating Emergency Contacts


Follow the instructions below to add or edit emergency contacts in your eProfile:



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  • Faculty
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  1. Login at https://eid.ksu.edu with your K-State eID and password.
  2. Click Contact Information in the menu on the left.

  3. Emergency contacts will be displayed in the bottom row of information.

  4. To add an emergency contact, click the Add new button.

  5. Type the necessary information and then click the Save button.
    Note: Fields marked with an asterisk (*) are mandatory.

  6. Existing emergency contacts have three options to choose from:

    • To make an emergency contact the primary contact, click the Make primary button.
    • To update or change information for an emergency contact, click the Edit button.
    • To remove an emergency contact, click the Delete button.



  • The Primary label will display on the chosen contact.
  • Only one contact can be made primary.
  • The primary emergency contact cannot be deleted until another contact is made primary.


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