Online Teval: Core Questions and Distance Core Questions


There are two sets of core questions for Teval, which cannot be edited and are included on all evaluations, both paper and online. The Teval Core questions are for on campus courses that meet in person. The Teval Distance Core questions are for online distance and GPIDEA/AGIDEA courses. The appropriate set will be selected automatically depending on whether On Campus, Distance, or GPIDEA/AGIDEA is selected on the Course Information page.


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Core Questions (for on campus courses):


  • Overall effectiveness as a teacher.
  • Making clear the goals and objectives of this course.
  • Being well prepared for class.
  • Explaining the subject matter so that you understood.
  • Communicating interest in helping students learn.
  • Stimulating you to think more deeply about the subject (for example -- applying information, analyzing, solving problems).
  • Commenting on your work (tests/assignments) in ways that helped you learn.
  • Using grading procedures that were fair and equitable.
  • Realizing when students did not understand.
  • Being willing to help students outside of class.
  • Increasing your desire to learn about this subject.


  • Your interest in taking this course before you enrolled.
  • Your effort to learn in this course (for example -- studying, doing the assignments, thinking about the ideas).
  • The amount you have learned in this course.

Distance Core Questions (for distance and GPIDEA/AGIDEA courses):

The Distance Core Questions include the above Core Questions and these additional Distance questions:

Rate the INSTRUCTOR on:

  • Enthusiasm for teaching online.
  • Timely return of graded materials.
  • Ability to create an environment that is conducive to learning and sharing.
  • Effective use of technology to deliver course content.
  • Ease of navigating the course (course structure).
  • Ability to engage students in communication, discussion, and group interaction.
  • Timely and useful response to your communications.


  • Your enthusiasm for online learning.
  • Your effort to prepare for this distance learning course (for example - making sure you met the minimum technology requirements, were able to sign in to your course and reviewed the syllabus).
  • Your effort toward involvement/participation in class discussion and group interaction.

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