Original Advisor Center: View a System Run Advisee DARS audit


Advisors using the original advisor center can view a system run advisee DARS audit.


  • Advisors


  • KSIS


Before running a DARS audit, disable all pop up blockers. For more information on how to disable pop up blockers, click here.

  1. Sign in with your eID and password at KSIS.
  2. On the Advisor Homepage, click the Classic Home tile.

  3. On the right, in the KSIS Links box, click Advisor Center.

  4. In the Advisor Center, on the right, click Degree Audit (DARS).

  5. Select the desired advisee from the Change Advisee dropdown OR click Change.

  6. Once the desired advisee is selected, find the audit with the Run By as System and click View Audit. System DARS reports are run every 7-10 days automatically.

  7. You may need to turn off the pop up blocker in your browser to see the DARS audit. (If you are unfamiliar with disabling pop up blockers, follow the link here: https://www.k-state.edu/ksis/help/gettingstarted/Disabling-Popup-Blockers.html)
  8. Maximize the window to view the audit in a full screen.



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