Informatica Access for TargetX Salesforce Instance


Create a new user for the Office of Recruitment and Admission


  • Integrations Team





Integrations Team

  1. Ticket is received to create an account. 
  2. Integrations Team checks to see if a "mimic user" has been provided.
    1. If no user to "mimic" has been provided, Integrations Team will ask for one.
  3. Create Account
    1. Log into Informatica (
      1. Note: This is a separate instance of Informatica specific to TargetX integrations. It is not the same account as the Enterprise Informatica instances.
    2. Access Administrator
    3. Access Users
    4. Locate "mimic" user.
    5. Open duplicate tab.
    6. Click Add User (green button)
    7. Enter the following information
      1. First Name
      2. Last Name
      3. Job Title
      4. Phone Number
      5. Email ( format)
      6. Authentication = Salesforce
      7. Select Activate using Verification code
      8. Salesforce User Name ( format)
    8. Choose the following Group
      1. Admissions Functional
    9. Verify this matches the "mimic user".
    10. Save


  1. The user will receive a welcome email with a code. 
  2. They will access Salesforce and click on the following:
    2. Enter code
  3. Access Informatica
    1. Click on Single Sign-On blue button.


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