KSIS: Report Dropped/No Shows in KSIS After First Day of Class


Report Dropped/No Shows in KSIS after first day of class on KSIS.


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Faculty can Report Dropped/No Shows after the first day of class using the information below:

Per the University Handbook, F64.3, an instructor may drop a student (undergraduate, graduate, vet med) from any or all components (e.g., lecture, recitation, lab, etc...) of a course if the student is absent/has not engaged or attended the course. 

The Office of the Registrar piloted new functionality in Fall 2021 which removes the need to do individual web forms for each student and instead allows engagement directly with the course roster. 

More information to come effective Spring 2022 but if you need to report for a late start or non-standard class in Fall of 2021 please fill out the Non-Attendance Drops web forms using the link below:


The Drop links are 2/3 down the page and look like this:






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