Add or Change a New Phone Number in Duo

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Add or change a new phone number in Duo.


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  1. Log into your eProfile page at using a computer.
  2. Select Call Me if prompted to authenticate.
  3. Click Duo device settings.

  1. Authenticate using your old phone. If you no longer have access to your previous number, you’ll need to call the K-State IT Service Desk at (785)-532-7722 for a temporary bypass code.
  2. Select Add another device.

  1. For a new phone, select Mobile phone, and then select Continue.

  1. Input your new phone number in the box provided and select Continue.
  2. To verify you are the owner of the displayed number.
    1. Click Call me.
    2. Type the 6-digit code provided during the call into the box provided and click Verify.
    3. Click Continue after verification.

  1. Continue through the steps until you see a QR code. Open the Duo app on your phone.
  2. Tap either Get Started or + (depending on the model of your phone).
  3. Scan the QR code with your phone.
  4. Duo mobile should activate on your new phone and allow you to authenticate using push notifications.



Note: If you have a new phone, or have lost access to your old phone, you won't have access to Duo. If so, call the K-State IT Service Desk at (785)-532-7722 to request a temporary bypass code.


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