Converting to a shared account from a group eID


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Converting to a shared account from a group eID

Converting a group account to a shared account: This is to make the account more secure and easier to use.

A shared account is similar to a group account - any group member can send and receive emails and create calendar appointments. Some advantages of a shared account include:

  • No password to remember, change, and distribute to every group member.
  • Only those designated by the account owner can access the account. With your current group account, anyone who knows the password has access.
  • The shared account's email inbox and calendar are accessible from each member's K-State Outlook account. No need to log in and out between your personal and group email. Think of it as an account within an account.

Note: Shared accounts will not be able to access other K-State resources such as K-State Canvas or the K-State Survey tool. However, you will not lose your previously created surveys using the group account.

Step 1: Group eID owner is notified
The owner of the group eID is emailed that their group eID will be converted to a shared account. If you are not the owner of the group eID or have any questions, please contact the IT Service Desk.

Step 2: Group eID is converted
Your group eID will be converted to a shared account on the date and time given in the notification email. Only the owner will have access to manage the shared account. The owner will be emailed that their account has been successfully converted.

Step 3: Adding members and changing the owner
The owner must now add members to the shared account. If they should not be the owner, they will need to give the ownership to someone else. See Manage a Shared Account for steps on adding members and changing owners.





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