Advisee Academics Tab in KSIS


The academics tab provides advisors access to the advisee's academic information.  Each section on the page is collapsible if desired.  Information provided includes: 

  • Common area
  • Quick access buttons to view additional academic information
  • Terms area that displays all terms in which an advisee has been enrolled
  • Classes and Statistics area that displays classes and grade statistics for the selected term
  • Program Plan History area that displays all current or past programs and plans in which the advisee was associated


  • Advisors
  • Staff


Quick Access Buttons

Picture of the Quick Access Buttons

When clicked each page opens a new window or tab unless otherwise noted.


Displays committee and milestone information in separate tabs. Available if the advisee is a graduate student, otherwise grayed out.  


Course History   

Displays all classes taken by the student. Includes Course #, Description, Term, Grade, Units and Status. Can be sorted by each course detail.

Enrollment Requests

Displays all advisee enrollment requests for classes in the specified term not including wait-list errors. Can be sorted by each column. Click the Status link to view more information about the request

Shopping Cart

Displays classes currently in the advisee's shopping cart. Provides Class name, Description, Days/Times, Room, Instructor, Units and Status. Includes a link to individual class information.

Term History

Displays Term Statistics, Cumulative Statistics, Term Withdrawal, Academic Standing, Student Grade Review, Student Special GPA, Student Fresh Start, Academic Forgiveness and KSU Ranking information. Includes icons for Service Indicators

Terms area

Pciture of the Terms Area displaying a List of Terms Enrolled

The TermCareerApproved Academic LoadAcademic Standing Status and Midterm Grades  (if available) are displayed for each term.


Displayed from the newest to the oldest. If more than 6 terms are available, additional terms may be viewed by scrolling down.Click the desired Term link to change what is displayed in the Classes and Statistics area. The most recent term is selected by default.

Midterm Grades 

 If available, click to view midterm grades for the advisee in a new window or tab.

Quick Enroll

Available if an advisor has permission to Quick Enroll a student. The advisee's ID is pre-populated in the Quick Enroll area. Can us the populated ID or clear and enter a different advisee ID.

Enrollment Date/Time           

 Displayed for each term presented


Classes and Statistics area

Classes and Statistics area


Classes for (selected term)       



Displays the abbreviated name and reference number of the class section

Enrollment Career  

Displays the career level for the class (undergrad, grad, etc...)


Displays an expanded class name and the component type for the section

Units Taken

Indicates how many units the class section is worth


Indicates whether the class section is a graded or non-graded component 


Displays the grade for the class after the grades have posted in KSIS


Statistics for (selected term)      
Selected Term name

Displays the name of the term selected and displayed

From Enrollment

Displays credit hours for the term from classes in which the advisee was enrolled  

From Transfer Credits

Displays credit hours for the term from classes the advisee transferred

Term Total

Displays the total number of credit hours for the term

Cumulative Total

Displays the total number of credit hours for all terms combined



Other Statistics                            
Dismissal Hours

Hours used to calculate warning and dismissal of an advisee                       



Program Plan History area

Picture of the Program and Plan History for the advisee



The advisee's career at that time.


Indicates whether the Program/Plan is active or not.

Start Date

The date that program, plan and sub-plan became active.

End Date

The date that program, plan and sub-plan became inactive.

Audit Term

The term in which the advisee was admitted to the program/plan.


Displays the name of the academic program.


Displays the name of the academic plan.


Displays the name of the related sub-plan if applicable.

Requirement Term

Term associated with the Academic Catalog that determines the requirements to be met.

Expected Graduation 

Displays the expected graduation date for that program/plan (shows only if the advisee has applied for graduation).



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