Downloading Advisee Information from KSIS


The KSU Advisor Center includes a download option so advisors can download a comma-separated value (CSV) file of all advisees displayed in the All Advisees list. The Download function allows advisors to export advisee information list and import it into Microsoft Excel to organize as desired.

  • Use Filters or Groups to change which Advisees are displayed in the All Advisee list.  
  • No advisees need to be selected when using Download.


  • Advisors
  • Staff


  • KSIS


To download a list of advisees:

  1. Log in to KSIS with your K-State eID and password.
  2. Click the KSU Advisor Center tile.
  3. The All Advisees list is displayed.
  4. Select the desired advisees from the All Advisees list using a Filter or Group.  You can also select the desired advisees and then use the Selected filter to display only advisees you have chosen.

    Note: If you do NOT select any advisees, all advisees are downloaded by default.

  5. Click Download. The download is provided via a pop-up window, new tab, or direct download depending on your browser.
  6. The CSV file (advisees.csv) is stored in the default download area of your browser.  The file name will be or variations thereof.
  7. Double click the file to open the file in Excel.

Note: The CSV (comma-separated value) file contains the following fields for the advisees shown in the grid.

  • WID
  • Name
  • Level
  • Program
  • Plan
  • Subplan
  • Email address

The fields shown are common fields allowed by FERPA regulations.




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