Accessing an Individual Advisee in the KSU Advisor Center


Advisors can access information about an individual advisee in the KSU Advisor Center from the All Advisees list.


  • Advisors
  • Staff


  • KSIS


  1. Log in to KSIS with your K-State eID and password.
  2. Select the KSU Advisor Center tile.
  3. Click the Name of the desired advisee.

    Picture of an Advisee name in the All Advisees area
  4. The Summary tab in the KSU Advisor Center for the advisee is displayed. Information available includes: Advisee's Residency, Account Summary, Classes and Service Indicators, Transfer College, and Advisor History information.

    Note: The summary tab opens in a new browser window or tab. Select the appropriate one to view the advisee's summary tab information. For details about the summary tab, go to the Advisee Summary Tab article.
  5. Close the summary tab or window to return to the KSU Advisor Center.




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