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Staff and Advisors can view Advising Notes in the KSU Advisor Center


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Faculty and staff with the advisor role can view general advising notes for any student. Notes in draft status are only viewable by the author. Sensitive notes are also only viewable by the author, unless access has been granted to other(s) with the advising role.

To produce a digest of advising notes for an advisee, see Run Advising Notes Report.

To view advising notes for an advisee:

  1. Login to KSIS with your K-State eID and password
  2. Click the KSU Advisor Center tile.
  3. Click the name of the desired advisee to open the advisee summary tab.
  4. Click the notes tab in the navigation bar.

    Picture of the tab options in an advisee information area with notes highlighted
  5. The Advising Notes section provides:
    • Creation Date - the date the note was first created
    • Post Date - the date the note was entered (if in draft form), or the date the note was posted to the student's educational record
    • Status - indicates if the note is in a draft or posted status
    • Advisor - name of advisor who created the note
    • Subject - subject(s) entered when the note was created
    • Multiple Student Note - indicates if the note was originally created for multiple students
    • Contains Sensitive Note - indicates if the note contains a sensitive note

  6. Click the Subject link to view a specific note.

    Note: If the note is in a draft status, it can be edited for up to two business days. If you mouse over the Subject link, the last name of the advisees in a multiple note are displayed.
  7. Edit the draft note if desired, then click Save as Draft or Post.

    Note: If you edit a draft note that contains multiple students, the changes apply to all students.
  8. When finished, click Return to Previous.
  9. Repeat the process as necessary to view notes for each advisee.



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