File Storage Options


Faculty, staff, and researchers create and consume data daily. Keeping that information safe is vital, which requires good data storage to safely back up the information and to distribute data quickly when required.


  • Faculty
  • Staff


K-State offers many data-storage options for storing and backing up your computer files. Each option has a unique combination of features so you can tailor your choices to your specific needs. These options are centrally supported and documented, and each is a secure mechanism for storing and retrieving your files.

  • Home (Y:Drive) - Catfiles network drive
  • Workarea (W: Drive) - Catfiles network drive
  • Office 365 OneDrive for Business
  • Office 365 Groups

K-State Canvas and Mediasite are additional file storage options and are best suited for files necessary for academic delivery such as course videos.


Home (Y: Drive)

Retiring 2022

Workarea (W: Drive)

Retirement Date TBD

OneDrive Office 365 Groups
Best Suited for… Personal work-related files like grant proposals, annual reviews, research articles Storage, sharing, and collaboration on departmental files Personal work-related file storage, sharing, and collaboration on work-related files with K-State and others Storage, sharing, and collaboration on work-related files with K-State and others
Available for use by… K-State faculty and staff K-State faculty and staff within a department K-State community K-State community
Available on off-campus networks with VPN with VPN Yes Yes
HIPAA-compliant storage of sensitive or restricted K-State data No No Yes but note who you are sharing the data with. Yes but note who you are sharing the data with.
Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI) No No No No
Storage type Central File Storage Central File Storage Cloud and local Cloud
Storage quota 5GB 100GB 5TB 1TB
Cost Funded by IT Funded by IT Funded by IT Funded by IT
Ability to share/publish content to the public No No Yes Yes
Ability to restrict access to content by individual or group No Yes Yes Yes
Ability to embed content from this service into other sites No No Yes Yes
Ability to collaborative edit content No No Yes Yes
Ability to save and restore versions No No Yes Yes
Mobile-device friendly No No Yes - download the app Yes - download the app
User-friendly (WYSIWYG) No No Yes Yes
File access tracking/reporting tools No No No No
Learning curve/training needed for beginners Low Low Medium Medium
Service automatically available to K-State community (without applying for an account) Yes Yes Yes Yes
Robust online and/or Help Desk support available Yes Yes Yes Yes
Backup/file recovery and system monitoring Yes, 30 days Yes, 18 mo yes, 93 days Yes, 93 days


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