Unsubscribe from auto-populated LISTSERV list.


Unsubscribing from auto-populated LISTSERV list.



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You are automatically added to many LISTSERV mailing lists at K-State based on your role, affiliation, and more. For many of these lists, such as K-State Today or your department's employee mailing list, you cannot unsubscribe. You can unsubscribe from auto-populated lists will include a note at the bottom of all email messages. Other types of LISTSERV mailing lists can be managed at https://listserv.ksu.edu.

Unsubscribe from an auto-populated LISTSERV list:

  1. Go to Grouper (https://groups.k-state.edu) and sign in with your K-State eID and password.
    Note: You must be on campus or connected to the VPN to reach Grouper.

    Arrow pointing to Listserv Management

  2. In the My Services tile, click the Listserv-Management link.

  3. Find and select the LISTSERV list that you want to unsubscribe from.
    Note: If the list is not displayed, you likely cannot unsubscribe from that list.

  4. Click the link of the list name that has a postfix of -optOut.

  5. Click the More Actions dropdown and select Join Group. This will unsubscribe you from the LISTSERV list.  

    Note: You will not receive a confirmation message or email that you are unsubscribed. 





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