Sanitizing smartphones and other media


As the number of media devices that can store university data continues to grow, so does the risk of unauthorized data disclosure. Because of this, all media devices must be properly purged of data before disposal or reuse to ensure university data cannot be recovered. It is also advisable to purge all other data from the device in order to protect your personal information.


  • Faculty
  • Staff


In most cases you should be able to restore the device to factory settings and turn it into K-State Recycling so it can be properly recycled or disposed of. Devices that contain especially sensitive information should be submitted to K-State Recycling for shredding.


Review Media Sanitization and Disposal and Table A3 & A4 in the Guidelines for Media Sanitization NIST Special Publication 800-88, Rev 1. for further instructions and procedures for sanitizing specific media, including paper-based media.

See K-State's Data Classification and Security Policy for definitions of confidential and internal data.


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